by Zeke
(Seattle, Washington, US)

Under Greek Gods, you forgot Thanatos, The God of Death. And no Hades is not the god of death, he is the god of the UNDEAD, not the god of death, Hades is Thanatos'es Boss and Thanatos is the god of Death, the son of Nyx (night) and Erebos(Darkness) with his brother Hypnos, which I noted you have on here but not Thanatos.

Thank you for pointing out Thanatos, but he was not a real god of death, he was in fact a personification of death (son of goddess Nyx, twin brother of Hypnos, because sleep and death look so much alike). And Hades was the god of the dead people, who, after death, lived in his underworld (except some heroes whom gods granted immortality or who became constellations). And nobody dead could come back to earth (Orpheus tried to bring back Eurydice, but he failed). Other than this, the dead people would spend afterlife in this underworld. There was also an area called Tartarus, where the bad people were punished.

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