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When I was a kid I was a specialist in Greek gods and goddesses, because one of the first books I ever read was about Greek mythology. When my father wanted to have fun, he would ask: "Who was Zeus?", "Whose daughter was Diana?", "What's the Roman name of the Greek God Dionysos?" - each time, he hoped I wouldn't know the answer... and each time I deluded him :)

There were also some pictures of the Greek gods and Goddesses in that book - sculptures and paintings (unfortunately, there was no mention of the artist's name. When I grew up, I found out they were famous works of art representing characters of the Greek mythology).

What I found fascinating was that the Greek gods and goddesses were so human. They lived on Mount Olympus - the mountain exists, the fact that they lived there was like a self-confident invitation to everyone: "You don't believe we exist? Just climb up this mountain and you'll find us!"

They were jealous - just like us (just think about Hera, always spying on Zeus, or Hephaistos, old and ugly, married to Aphrodite, the beautiful goddess of love - no wonder he was jealous!); they would easily get upset and then seek vengeance (Athena and Hera who were offended by the fact that Paris chose Aphrodite as the most beautiful).

That's why I decided to tell you the story of the Greek gods and goddesses, together with some personal opinions about them - after all, the Greek mythology is one of the basic elements of European culture, and the gods are... so similar to us!

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