A list of Greek gods names

Here you'll find a list of Greek gods names (with the name of the corresponding Roman god in brackets) and when you click on each entry, a new page will open, with his story. By the way, on this page we refer only to the male gods. For the Greek goddesses and for other characters in Greek mythology, there are separate pages, just choose from the menu on the left.

Apollo (Apollo)- the god of light and of the sun, of the arts, music and poetry, of healing and medicine and the leader of the Muses.

Ares (Mars) - the god of war

Atlas - the Titan who held the Heaven on his shoulders

Achelous - god of the river with the same name

Aeolus or Aiolos or Aeolos - god of the Winds. For the other characters named Aeolus, click here.

Anemoi (Venti) - the generic name of the wind gods

Asklepios - god of Medicine

Astraeus - Titan of the dusk


Boreas - god of the Northern Wind

Briareus - a Giant


Caerus/Kairos - the spirit that repesented favourable moments, opportunity, luck

Chaos - the initial Chaos

Charon - the ferryman of the underworld

Chronos - the god of Time 

Crius - the least individualized among the Titans, maybe he was added just to complete the number

Cronus/Kronos - the leader of the Titans (Saturn)

Coeus - Titan of the intellect


Dionysus - the god of wine and agriculture (Bacchus)


Epimetheus - Titan of afterthought

Eros - the god of Love (Cupidon or Cupid)



Glaucus - a sea-god


Hades - the god of the dead (Pluto)

Hephaestus (Vulcanus) - the god of Fire and volcanoes, but did you know that he also invented the first robots?

Helios - a Titan, personification of the sun. He was also called Hyperion

Hermaphroditus - the son of Hermes and Aphrodite

Hermes - the messenger of the gods (Mercury)

Hopladamos - one of the Gigantes, who accompanied Rhea when she was pregnant with Zeus

Hymenaios - was considered the god of the marriage ceremonies, but he was, in fact, a mortal

Hyperion - Titan of the light and of the east

Hypnos (Somnus) - the personification of sleep


Iacchus or Iakkhos - a god related to the Eleusinian mysteries or a personification of Dionysus

Iapetus - the Titan of Mortal Life

Ismenos or Ismenus - the god of the river with the same name, in Boeotia

Istros - the god of the river Danube




Ladon - the god of the river with the same name, in Arcadia


Marsyas - a satyr who loved music... to death

Meander or Maiandros - the god of the river Meander

Morpheus - the god of prophetic dreams


Nereus - or The Old Man of the Sea, a Titan who was the father of the Nereids

Nilus - the god of the Egyptian Nile River

Notus - the god of the South wind


Oceanus or Okeanos - a Titan, personification of the river which encircled the world, according to the ancient Greeks and Romans

Oneiroi - the Dreams


Pallas - Titan of warcraft

Pan - the god of the shepherds

Peneus - the god of the river with the same name, in Thessalia

Penthos or Penthus - the spirit of grief, mourning and tears

Perses - Titan of destruction

Pikolous - a giant who was turned into the plant called "moli"

Plutus - the personification of wealth

Pontus or Pontos - a sea god

Poseidon - the god of the sea (Neptune)

Priapus - a fertility god

Prometheus - the Titan of forethought, who gave man the fire

Proteus - an Old Man of the Sea, a sea god who could change shape


In the Greek alphabet there was no letter Q, so there are no Greek gods names that start with a Q.


I couldn't find any Greek god whose name began with and R, except one:
Rhadamanthus - a wise lawmaker, son of Zeus, who became a judge of the dead after he died.


Scamander - god of the river with the same name.
Silenus - an old satyr who adopted and tutored Dionysus.


Tartarus - god of the deepest part of the underworld

Thanatos - the personification of death


Uranus - the personification of the sky/heavens



The letter W didn't exist in the Greek alphabet, it is a letter which has its origins in the Germanic languages.


I couldn't find any Greek gods names that start with an X (there are only some humans with names starting with an X).


And no names of Greek gods that start with a Y, either. But I just chose to list the whole alphabet, even if the Greek one was different.


Zelus - god of zeal, emulation and rivalry

Zephyrus - the god of the West wind

Zeus - the ruler of all the gods (Jupiter)
For info about the wedding of Zeus and Hera, see here the page about Hera.
For info about the relationship between Zeus and Hera, click here.


And if you want to see pictures of Greek gods, just click here or on the button "Pictures of Gods" - you'll be able to see how they were represented throughout the ages. You'll also find out what words are related to the names of the greek gods, what planets were named after them and many other interesting things.



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