A List of Greek Goddesses Names

Here is a list of Greek goddesses names (with the name of the Roman goddess in brackets).

Aglaia - one of the three Graces

Aletheia - the personification of Truth

Amphitrite - goddess of the Sea

Aphrodite - the goddess of love (Venus)

Artemis - the goddess of Hunt (Diana)

Athena - the goddess of Wisdom (Minerva)

Aura - a Titaness, the personification of the morning breeze. The Roman counterpart had the same name, Aura.


Bia - the personification of force and violence

Britomartis - a Cretan goddess who used to hunt with Artemis. Some say she invented the fishing nets.

Brizo - a goddess who protected the sailors


Calliope - muse of the epic poetry

Callirrhoe - the name of several characters, one of the is an Oceanid, the others are daughters of several river-gods

Callisto - one of the nymphs of Artemis, who was transformed into a bear

Calypso - a nymph who held Odysseus on the island of Ogygia, because she wanted to make him her immortal husband

Chione - a goddess of the snow, but also the name of others characters who had a connection with snow

Chloris - the nymph of spring and flowers

Clio - one of the muses

Clymene - the name of several Oceanids and of one Nereid

Creusa - a Naiad

Cybele - the goddess of Nature


Demeter - the goddess of the earth and agriculture (Ceres)

Dia - a nymph or just another name for Hebe or Hera

Dike - the personification of Justice

Dione - a Titaness, in one version she is said to be Aphrodite's mother

Dryope - a Pleiad


Eirene (Pax) - the goddess of Peace

Eos - the goddess of Dawn (Aurora)

Eris - the goddess of Discord

Eurynome - a Titaness of the pasturelands and water-meadows


There are no greek goddesses names starting with an F, because the Greeks would use "ph" for rendering the sound (well, in fact, they had a special letter, which is transliterated as "ph")


Gaia - mother Earth

Galene - the goddess of the calm seas, one of the daughters of Nereus and Doris

Graeae - three sea spirits, represented as old women who shared one eye and one teeth between them


Hamadryads - dryad nymphs who preside over different types of trees.

Harmonia - goddess of Harmony and concord. She had a beautiful necklace that brought bad luck to all those who possessed it.

Hecate/Hekate (Trivia) - goddess of magic, witch craft and crossroads. She helped Demeter look for her daughter and then she remained with Persephone as her companion.

Hemera - goddess of the daylight and of the sun.

Hera - (Juno)- the goddess of marriage and women, Zeus' wife... and a very jealous one!
For info about Hera's relationship with Zeus, click here.

Hebe (Juventas) - the goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera

Herse/Ersa - goddess of the morning dew that nourished plants, a daughter of Zeus and Selene.

Hesperides - nymphs of the evening and of the sunset light, who tended a garden in the west, where the golden apple-trees and other treasures of the gods were kept.

Hestia (Vesta) - the goddess of the hearth and architecture

Horae/Horai - goddesses of the seasons and of the natural portions of time, and, as such, they represent the right moment (in agriculture) and the right order.

Hyades - nymphs who cried so much when there brother Hyas died, that they perished. Zeus transformed them into stars - the Hyades constellation. They are thought to bring rain.

Hybris (Petulantia) - the personification or a spirit of insolence, pride and outrageous behaviour.

Hygieia - the goddess of good health and cleanliness, associated mostly with the prevention of sickness - those ancient Greeks really knew a lot!


Ida - A nymph who took care of baby Zeus.

Ino - A queen of Thebes who was turned into a sea divinity after her death (I really don't understand why, as she did a lot of evil things during her life).

Io - a nymph loved by Zeus, who turned her into a cow in order to protect her from Hera's jealousy.

Iris - goddess of the rainbow



Keres - female spirits of the violent death, daughters of Nyx.


Lachesis - one of the three Fates, the one who measured the length of the thread which represented a person's life

Lethe - as a goddess, the personification of oblivion

Leto - Titaness of motherhood


Metis - Titaness of wisdom and cunning, the first of Zeus' wives

Mnemosyne - Titaness of the memory and remembrance

Muses - the goddesses of music, song and dance, who inspired the artistic creation


Naiades - nymphs of the fresh waters

Nemesis - the goddess of vengeance

Nephele - a cloud nymph

Nike (Victoria) - the winged personification of the Victory

Nyx (Nox) - the goddess of the night, a primordial deity


Oceanids - the 3,000 daugthers of Oceanus and Thetys, who were nymphs of the fresh waters

Oreads - nymphs of the mountains and valleys, associated with Artemis

Orthosie - one of the Horae, a goddess of prosperity


Panacea - goddess of Healing

Pandia - goddess of the full moon, daughter of Selene

Periboea - a Naiad, mother of Penelope

Persephone - the goddess of the Underworld (Proserpina)

Pheme/Ossa - the personification of gossip and rumour (Fama)

Phoebe - Titaness of the intellect and prophecy


There was no letter Q in the Greek alphabet, so there are no Greek goddesses names that start with a Q.


Rhea - Titaness of motherhood and fertility, mother of Zeus


Selene (Luna) - the goddess of the moon

Styx - the goddess of the underworld river with the same name, on which oaths were sworn


Thalassa - a primordial goddess of the sea and the personification of the Mediterranea Sea

Theia - Titaness of sight and of the shining light of the sky

Thetis - a Nereid, the mother of the Greek hero Achilles.
For the second part of her story, click here

Themis - Titaness of the divine law and order

Thetys - a Titaness, mother of the rivers, springs and streams




The letter W didn't exist in the Greek and Roman alphabets, because it has its origins in the Germanic languages.





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