A list of Roman gods and goddesses names

Here you'll find a list of Roman gods and goddesses names (with the name of the corresponding Greek god in brackets). When you click on an entry (provided it is a link), you can find out more about that god or goddess.

Acca Larentia - a woman who became a goddess, adoptive mother of Romulus and Remus

Aesculapius (Asclepius) - the god of health and medicine.

Apollo (Apollo) - the god of light and classical order

Aurora (Eos) - the goddess of the dawn


Bacchus (Dionysus) - god of wine.

Bellona - goddess of war.

Bona Dea - the goddess of fertility and women.


Caelus or Coelus (Uranus) - a god of the skies

Ceres (Demeter) - the goddess of agriculture

Concordia - goddess of harmony and understanding

Cupidon or Cupid (Eros) - the god of love
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Cybele - a goddess who was also called “the Great Mother”


Diana (Artemis) - the goddess of nature and hunt.

Discordia (Eris) - the goddess of discord.



Fama - goddess of fame.

Fauna - goddess of vegetation.

Faunus - the god of the forests and plains

Felicitas - goddess of good luck

Flora - goddess of the vegetation

Fortuna (Tyche) - goddess of fortune and good luck.


Glycon - a snake god.

Gratiae - i.e. the Graces.


Hercules - the god of strength.


Invidia - the goddess of envy.


Janus - the god of the beginnings and of transitions

Juno (Hera) - goddess of marriage and women

Jupiter (Zeus)- the ruler of all gods

Justitia - the goddess of Justice.

Juventus (Hebe) - the goddess of youth.


No Roman god names that start with a K.


Lares - gods who protected the place where they were.

Liber - a gos assimilated with Bacchus.

Lucina - the goddess of childbirth.

Luna (Selene)- the goddess of the moon

Lympha - goddess of the fresh water.


Manes - gods who represented the souls of the dead.

Mars (Ares) - the god of war

Mercury (Hermes) - the god of commerce

Minerva (Athena) - the goddess of wisdom, crafts, medicine, commerce


Necessitas - the goddess of destiny.

Neptune (Poseidon)- god of the sea

Nox (Nyx)- goddess of the night



Parcae - the goddesses who decided the destiny

Pax (Eirene) - the goddess of peace.

Penates - domestic gods, who protected the house and the family.

Pluto (Hades) - god of the underworld.

Pomona - goddess of the orchards and gardens

Proserpina (Persephone) - queen of the Dead.




Saturn (often identified with Cronus) - the god of agriculture and harvest.

Silvanus - a god who protected the woods and fields.

Sol - the god of the sun.

Somnus (Hypnos)- the god of sleep.


Terra or Tellus (also called Terra Mater, “mother earth”) - a goddess who was the personification of the earth.

Tiberinus - the god of the Tiber river.



Venus (Aphrodite) - the goddess of love.

Veritas - goddess of truth

Vertumnus or Vortumnus - god of seasons, gardens and fruit trees.

Vesta (Hestia) - goddess of the hearth and family.

Victoria - goddess of victory.

Vulcanus (Hephaestus) - god of the fire and a blacksmith.






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