About Me

Hello to all my readers! Many of you have asked about me, so here I am finally with some info about myself.

My name is Anca Irina Dumitru, I am Romanian and I live in Italy. I have always loved to read whatever I could get my hands on. I discovered Greek mythology as soon as I learned to read, in the form of a short dictionary. When I grew up, I looked for more complex books about the Greek gods and goddesses, because their stories were fascinating.

I liked a lot to learn foreign languages, so I ended studying Italian and English languages and literatures at the University of Bucharest (which meant... reading and more reading, so I was like a fish in the water!). I worked as a teacher, and later as a researcher and a lecturer at the University of Bucharest, before moving to Italy (and let me tell you, it was a strange feeling to become work colleagues with my former teachers).

But... it was not easy to find a job at that time (now it isn't easy, either). My idea was to work online, so as to be my own master and work at my own pace. That's why I decided to make a site, but what could the topic be? Well, Greek mythology, of course!

In the beginning it was meant to be informative in general, but then I started to study the traffic fluctuations and I saw that it decreased in wekends and during the summer holidays, and so I understood that my public are schoolkids who want/need to know more about Greek gods and goddesses. So here I am, a teacher again, and I just love it - especially when you leave comments telling me that the info was useful and helped you get a good grade.

Unfortunately, I don't manage to update the site too often, as I also have my "day job" (I work as a translator), so I'd like to apologize for that. And now, with the dreaded crisis, I have to work more for less money than I earned before, so I have even less free time.

I'll try to add one page per week, so as to make the site more useful for you (until September 2012, this site was on the first page of Google for many of my chosen keywords, and it was easy to be found, but then it was punished, probably for my domain name. In Yahoo and Bing I still have many result on the first page).

In case you want to thank to me, there is something you could do - of course, only if you want and if you have... dogs. You see, I have another site, called Dog Breeds Pictures. So, if you want, you could head over there and send me photos of your pooches. What do you say?

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