You missed an important god.

You miss Hecate. She was a titain and when the greek gods over thru the titains, Zeus allowed Hecate to keep her powers since she was not as corrupted as the other Titains. She is the goddes of witch craft, the three stages, and much more. I am offened that you have not had her on this website. She was the one that women would call to for help during child birth the one they called to when they need protection during the night when they had a long jouney. She also was the goddess of crossraods. She carried them to the underworld. She was a confedant to Persophony! She had a huge role in the greek world And yet here you are not putting her here, with out the other gods. How can you call this a greek god and goddess website when you dont have all of them on their. NOt very smart. OH, and you website needs more to it. Its a little bland.

thank you for adding this info about Hecate. Unfortunately, she is not the only goddess (or god) to be missing from this site. How can I call it a site about greek gods and goddesses when I don't have all them them? It's very simple, first I decided the name of the site, and then I added the gods. If I waited to first add all the gods... I wouldn't have had a site in the first place. I have a full time job (luckily for me) and as such I have very little time to work on this site (even if I enjoy it). But with the help of my readers (thank you!) I hope to be able to make it better. BTW, I wanted to write the page about Hecate, but I saw that the stuff about her is quite complicated, so I don't want to just to throw a bunch of words on a page.

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