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I have this statue, 10" tall, square nuts holding it to the base. Brass? But I don't know who it is, or if she's playing a lute or harp, possibly? I thought maybe someone could help identify her for me?

my best guess is that this is goddess Aphrodite, because the statuette looks like a restored representation of the famous Venus of Milo statue. The well-known statue has no arms, but her left knee is a little raised, so as keep in place the drapery around her hips. It's also logical to presume that the right hand is trying to hold the drapery (the torsion of the body makes this hypothesis plausible), and my guess is that this is what the sculptor tried to do with this restored version (even if this particular statuette looks more like dancing, but if you ask me the right hand would look more natural if it tried to hold the drapery). As regards her left hand, the missing hand was said to be holding an apple, at the height of her eyes. From your photo I can't understand what she's holding in her left hand, but I think it is in line with the description of the statue as a whole. Hope it helped!

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Aphrodite dite V??nus de Milo

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Jan 18, 2012
A Lyre??
by: Anonymous

Maybe that is a lyre that she is holding.

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