Who is the goddess of wealth?

Not a thought as much as a question. I was led to believe that Helen is the greek goddess of wealth, but the only Helen I can find is the Helen of Troy- who is the "daughter" of Zeus. But no where can I find Helen of Troy being referred to as such. Is she the same? Am I misunderstanding something? Please if anyone can help.

Helen was considered the most beautiful woman on earth, she was the daughter of Zeus and Leda, born from an egg. Even if she had divine origins, she was not a goddess.
There was no goddess of wealth in Greek mythology. Anyway, Eirene, the goddess of peace, was associated with wealth and was depicted as carrying a cornucopia.
There was a god of wealth, though, whose name was Ploutos. He was represented as a baby carried by Eirene, and the symbolic meaning was that we need peace in order to have wealth. He was the son of Demeter, goddess of harvest (she was associated with abundance, too).
Aristophanes, in his play Ploutos, makes him say that he had declared he only wanted to bring wealth to worthy people. But Zeus blinded him, because he was jealous of people and just wanted wealth to be distributed randomly. On the one hand, Ploutos would have liked to be cured of his blindness, so as to be able to see and reward the honest people, on the other hand he was afraid of being cured, because that would only make Zeus angrier.
Also, the god of wealth would walk around in disguise, because he was afraid that people would make him a prisoner, if they knew his true identity, and would force him to give them riches that they would keep just for themselves, without sharing it with the others.

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