I really want to learn alot more about one pacific goddess and her name is MENERVA not only do i want to learn about her i want to know how she became what she is now AND what her job was. what she looked like and any other backround information i can learn about her........ i want to know if she was married if she had kids and how many kids she had if she did i want to know how she died...and i also want to know is if she had any siblings and who they were too. : BUT PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP ME FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HER AND NOT ALL THAT FAKE STUFF PLEASE DO......THANKS

well, the Minerva I know of it the Roman goddess of wisdom, the counterpart of the Greek goddess Athena (you can read about her here. Just Like Athena, Minerva was born from the head of her father, Jupiter, the Roman ruler of all gods. She was also a goddess of medicine, doctors, commerce, crafts (mainly weaving). In Italy she was a pacific goddess, only in Rome she was connected to war, too. She was a virgin, so she never married and she never had children. I really don't know how she "became what she is now", because I don't know waht she is know. She was a goddess in Roman mythology, I don't know whether you consider this as a fake story or not.

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