The whole mythology

by Babboo

I must say I find your website very interesting and intriguing. I work with special students and we have read all 5 of the books on Percy Jackson and started the The Last Hero.

Along the way, we have learned about the Greek mythology of the characters in order to understand more of what the book was about or what was going on in the book. Now that the end of school is coming to an end, we are wanting to put together a mythology type book.

I was wondering if there was any truth (as much can be truth in a mythology spectrum) to the demigod and camp half blood. It seems that the books follows some mythology truths.

If you would like to comment.

thank you for your comment, the things you do are very interesting, congratulations!
Unfortunately I haven’t read the Percy Jackson books (but I guess I will have to do it, because they seem a very good introduction to Greek mythology). I only read about them on Wikipedia, but the summary does not do the books justice. I suppose the author knows Greek mythology very well and uses it as a source of inspiration, in a very broad sense. After all, the heroes and demigods in the real Greek mythology were probably inspired by real heroes whose story was transformed and enriched. And whenever someone was better than his contemporaries, someone else (probably) would start the gossip that in fact the father was a god. The same happened to Alexander the Great, he was a military genius so there were rumours about him being the son of Zeus.
I’m sorry I don’t know more about this matter, maybe other visitors can help!
Keep up the good work and please come back and tell us about your book, when it’s finished, I really want to know more about it!

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