The only thing knowable for certain is my discovery that Poseidon exists

by Maxoposeidonfreak

Don't think unliteral truth isn't the truth, that's not rational, rationality dictates that all truths are the truth. Therefore though Poseidon isn't literally true, it's not literally made up either, it's an ocean seen in the mind washing you clean by Poseidon. Poseidon is NOT a person, he's an angry green sea, both physically and supernaturally. The supernatural isn't in reality nor is it imaginary, but the result of an esoteric mind when doing ascetic practices to serve it. Therefore not in reality, it's the result of reality when you serve a god, these things happen when supernatural forces are tampered with. You can't pretend not to know this stuff, if it happens you bet on my heart it's only real to you so long as it results from physical action, what do you, website man, think about all this?

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Feb 27, 2012
by: MizzPurpleRox

I can see where you get that. Posiedan in a greek god he isn't necassaraly the "ocean" but I see what you mean. Really good thinking!

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