the Artemis/Diana costume

by Cassey Louis
(Las Angelas )

Artemis the goddess of wilderness and wild animals and childbirth and her twin brother Apollo god of childbirth too (for boys or men) (Artemis was childbirth for women and girls). Anyhow, they we're the children of Zeus and Leto. Once, Niobe the queen of Thebes, boasted that she was better than Leto (Artemis' mom) because she (Niobe) had many children, while the goddess (Leto) has but only 2 children. Artemis and Apollo avenged this insult to their mother by killing all or most of Niobe's children with their arrows. The weeping Niobe was transformed into stone, in which form she continued to weep.


When Apollo noticed that Artemis was spending a great deal of time hunting with the giant Orion, he decided to put an end to the relationship! He challenged Artemis to porve her skill at archery by shooting at a object floating far at sea. Her shot was perfect! The target turned out to be the head of Orion!

THE END (thanks for reading this about Artemis and her twin brother Apollo, I hope you learned alot about these gods and goddesses they are really important and special)

thank you for your submission, there are two of the most important stories about the twin gods.

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