Quick Facts about Athena

by Emma
(woodstock,IL USA)

I think Athena is a loving and beautiful goddess.

Athena was born from Zues's forehead wearing full battle armor. She was ready to guide anyone.

She earned her city by doing a competition with Poseidon, she created the olive tree to help Athens while Posiedon zapped the earth and made salt water sprout out of the ground.

Yes, Athena is virgin and never married! Though Aphrodite tried many love potions on her, none worked :|

Artemis, Hestia and Athena are the 3 virgin goddesses.


Brown, shoulder-length hair, grey eyes and just beautiful (my opinion!).

She cursed Medusa for boasting about her beauty.

She also won a weaving contest with a girl because she was boasting about her weaving talents and she could beat anyona, even Athena, at weaving. So since the girl had so much pride, Athena decided that the girl could weave forever. As a spider!

Athena was Zeus's favorite child and he let her use his shield and lighting bolts and he told her where he hid his bolts.

Athena was Zeus's advisor and she still stays loyal to him this very day.

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