my favorite god is poseidon even though he is a womanizer like zeus. poseidon is really cool because he the god of the sea and all. now what he did to medusa was wrong how he like seduce her and they made out in athena temple or something. that wrong and athena punished medusa. and how poseidon is a rapist and stuff.

You are perfectly right! Unfortunately, justice was not for mortals in ancient Greece! The gods could get away with everything, while other innocent creatures were punished. But if a mortal would dare offend a god or take by force someone connected to a god, he was surely punished! Go figure. I guess you could say the ancient Greeks invented the "double standard" :-(
And the stories don't really have a moral,they don't really provide role models. The only moral for me is that people were like puppets in the hands of gods, after all the Fates decided about their life and even if they tried hard to change their fate, in the end they couldn't avoid it (see poor Oedipus).

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