I am doing a project about Pheme in class. Can u put some pics and myths about her on ur webstie? That would really help. If not, can u reccomend a good myth i could use that doesn't have her in it. I need a ppic and a myth. The pic has 2 b of her, but the myth can be any myth. Plz help me!!!

here is a quick answer, as I have something urgent to attend to right now (but I'll post something about her in about one day):
A link to the English Wikipedia:
Quotes from the ancient literature about Pheme:
a rough translation of the entry in the Italian Wikipedia:

Fame ( from the Latin word "fari", which means to speak ) , the personification of the public voice in Roman mythology , was an allegorical goddess.

Virgil speaks of his personification, imagining her created by the Earth after CEO and Enceladus .

She is imagined as a giant winged monster capable of moving with great speed, covered in feathers under which there were many opened eyes, to see everything; in order to hear , she used a hyperbolic number of ears and she spread the voices echoing in an infinite number of mouths, in which many tongues were agitated.

This winged monster represented allegorically the rumors that are born, spread , gain credibility , do not distinguish between true and false , amplify and distort the facts at will .

Ovid also gives a broad description in the twelfth book of the Metamorphoses , placing her at the end of the earth, inside a building bronze , with a large number of entrances, in which echoed all the words , even those just whispered .

Another rought translation from the French Wikipedia:
Fama is a Roman goddess.

Daughter of the Earth, to avenge the death of his children, Fama has two trumpets. The short one is devoted to gossip, the long one to fame.

Always circulating rumors, she made ​​sure that Dido was made ​​aware of the departure of Aeneas. Venus also used her to communicate false rumors to the women of Lemnos, which triggered a battle between the men and women of Lemnos. This allowed Venus to take revenge for the people of this island, who had abandoned the worship of Venus since she had cheated on Vulcan with Mars.

While Fama, the Fame, makes the heroes immortal, because their memory never dies. In time, this is the aspect of Fama which took precedency.

As regards images with her, there are 2 different images, one in the EN wikipedia, the other in the French Wikipedia (link:

Hope it helps! Later I'll write the "beautiful" rendering of her story.

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