Persephone costume

by Hailey
(Iowa, USA)

Materials needed:
Long white maxi dress
Various fake flowers
Floral stems
Floral tape
Thick silver or gold wire(if can't find, use thin wire, just braid the thin wire)

I didn't make this, my grandma did, so all I really did was the metal belt to belt the "chiton"

She used the flowers, floral tape and floral stems to make a flower circlet for my hair. She found a video on the Internet on how to make the circlet, and the only other stuff that needs done is belting the "chiton" with either the thick or braided silver or gold wire.

Hello Hailey!
Thank you very much for your costume idea, it is pure genius to use a white maxi dress for a chiton :-)
Congratulations to you and to your grandma, too!

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