Mythology is one of my many passions! I love it all because it seems so real, yet so magical at the same time. Every myth that I saw you had, I knew already by heart. I don't want to sound like a show off, there are probably many myths I don't know. Although, I have spent a lot of time trying to find more. Books suddenly won't cut it with this subject! Can you post some good links to stories of mythology? Also, I love the myth about Hades and Persephone! It was very dramatic, and it explained a lot, in my opinion. My favorite god is Ares, and my favorite goddess is a tie between Artemis and Aphrodite.

thank you for your comment. The number of the mythological stories is limited, but there are many retellings, in which every writer adds a little of his/ her sensitivity.
Let's face it, the ancient myths are manna for the writers, because in many cases you just have the structure, the "skeleton" of a story, to which you can add your own details and in which you can invent the motivation for the different characters.
Also, there are many books which try to interpret these myths (for instance, I found one about Helen of Troy, in which the writer says that she was a woman which the others couldn't understand; she was beautiful and independent, and that would scare the others around her, because during her time women didn't have too much independence). So, if you happen to come back to this site, please let me know if you are also interested in books about the interpretation of the ancient Greek myths.
In the meantime, I'll think about

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