my questions about the gods :|

by bubbles (holly)
(england , uk , kent)

in the books i have read like percy jackson are all of the monsters true or not cause i asked my teacher and she didnt know so maybe you could tell me about it , and is atlas the god who holds up the world im not really sure if its true or not plz tell me if its true Thanx

for info about Atlas, click here. (He was a Titan and he held the Heaven, even if the idea that he held the world is very generalized).
As regards the Percy Jackson books, I see them as an introduction to mythology, that is, one reads the books, and then looks for the different characters, to see what they really did in Greek mythology. Those books are a transposition of mythical characters into modern times, but they are not "historically" accurate.
For instance, I read that Polyphemus guarded the golden fleece, somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. In "real" Greek mythology, Polyphemus guarded his own sheep, but none had golden fleece, and the real golden fleece was somewhere on the coast of the Black sea, in Colchis (today Georgia) and was guarded by a dragon.
As you see, they are "rearranged" elements from Greek mythology.
As regards the monsters in the book, I suppose they are real in that specific fictional universe (just like the hobbits and elves in The Lord of the Rings, for instance). I don't know if that answers your question (I'm not sure if I got it right), but if you have other more specific questions, please come back and I'll see what I can do :-)

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Mar 07, 2012
Percy Jackson mythos
by: Xabre

While not all the events coincide with the original stories (polyphemus from the Odyssey never had the fleece) Riordan does a good job of tying the myths together in the stories. For instance, Polyphemus came to have the fleece much later as a lure to satyrs looking for Pan, the lord of the wilds. His research is very in depth into the proper greek (and roman) names for monsters and heroes. While it is a modernized fiction, it stands as it's own myth with the idea that the monsters of the original myths can never really die since they don't have immortal souls. They merely get sent to Tartarus until they can reform and return to our plane of existence. I highly recommend the books as a fun piece of mythology and a good jumping off point for younger readers to then study the original myths that Riordan references in his books. Plus who wouldn't want to be a son of Zeus or Poseidon and shoot lighting, or control water?

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