My goddess I love very much!

by Holly
(Frisco Texas US)

Iris-goddess of the rainbow

Hebe-goddess of youth
The goddess are very powerful and beautiful women. Some are cruel and just plain mean! Aphrodite wanted every women to love her. Athena changed a beautiful women (medusa) into a ugly monster. But she was rapped by the god of the sea!!! Poor Medusa XD!! Hera (zeus' wife) got very jealous when Zeus ran off with another women. I would too, if my husband was cheating on me!! Also Aphrodite cheated on her husband countless time. The gods are a whole other story. But one word to describe them is POWERFUL!! I got hooked on these whole gods and goddess by reading and watching movies. They are truely very powerful beings!! Hopeful people will find more information on this amazing people. I really love the goddess i said at the top of this paragraph XD!! Thanks for reading!!

Thank you for writing! You are, right, the two goddesses you mentioned are among the most likeable. The others, as you say, are powerful, but choose to show their power in mostly cruel ways. Also, they made sure, with the rules they imposed to mankind, that people should behave better than they did!

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