My Favorite God Is...

Here is what others have said about their favorite Greek god or goddess. If you want to tell us who's the coolest guy or gal, according to you, go to the Comments page and tell us all about them!


by Patricia (USA)

Yes, I have a favorite Goddess I like to follow and that is Nyx. I was wondering if there were any myths about her or if you knew more about her?

More about Nyx right here.


by Anonymous

My favourite is Artemis.

My favorite

by Anonymous

My favorite goddess is Selene.

Gods and Monsters

by Jack

I loved hearing about the Gods and Monsters. My favorite god would have to be Hermes. I love your website, keep it going!

Gods and Goddess

by Kayleigh

I love Mythology (because of the Percy Jackson books) and my favorite god is Poseidon and my favorite goddess is the goddess of love (sorry don't know her name)!
My note: That would be Aphrodite!

Gods and godesses

by Ali

I think gods and godesses are exciting and fun to learn about and my favourite god is Zeus and my least favourite is Hades. My favourite goddes is Aphrodite.


by Cole (Ohio)

i'm like you when you were little. i am not a wiz at greek and roman mythology but i know my stuff. my favorite goddess is Aphrodite.



My fav is Demeter.


by Sydney P. (Jasper al)

I like Selene because she is independent. It never really says if she had a husband. Just love affairs.


Poseidon a great god and to be honest this report was great.


Duh! Athena is the best. I mean seriously, think about it. Athena is most loved by Zeus, and that's a HUGE honor!


by Rachel (Tennessee)

I think Greek mythology is so awesome I fell in love with it, the moment I picked a book about Aphrodite that's when it all started.
Hi Rachel, could you please share with us the title of that book, if you still remember the name? Thank you!


by N. R. (Odessa)

She is love and Cupid is the same but Cupid is a babe and she is not love is a nice things but when u get hurt thats when u don't like this goddess.

Fav God/Goddess

My favorite has to go to Athena. She's the goddess of defensive warfare, crafts, and she's very wise. She helped many key people and was a favorite by her father, Zeus.

My favorite

My favorite goddess is Selene

Fav goddess and/or god

by Sum1

I like Artemis & Poseidon.

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