More Creatures and Stuff.

by A. Hughes

Okay, I was looking for one creature in mind. The hell-hound. I barely know anything about them. But I know I'd love to learn more about them. Now... About the gods... Can you put one trait from their personality in their description? So I can know exactly how they would act or even react... And sorry if you put this in and I just wasn't looking close enough. Oh and the Percy Jackson series actually kind of educates me about Greek monsters. And... Demigods are real to Greek mythology. Right? Anyway, why were there lower gods. Like the goddess of the hearth... I find her actually pretty cool. But anyway, thank you SO much. I now know more about the Greek gods and goddesses.

Thank you for your comment. Your idea of adding a short description to the name of the gods is very good. I have started working on it. My initial idea was to leave out the details, so as the readers should click on the link and read more about that god. But now you confirm me that it's better to also have a short presentation.
The demigods were the offspring of a god/goddess and a mortal and in general they had some powers, but were mortals. Some of them were made immortal though, for instance Heracles/Hercules.
As regards the lesser gods, I think that the Greeks tried to explain what they couldn't understand from nature (i.e. a lot of things) with the presence of a specific god, that's why there were lots of less important gods, who took care of less important aspects of the human life (as an example, they had goddesses for each and every hour of the day).

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