more about goddess HERA

by Mary G.
(Manila City, Philippines)



i want to explore more about goddess hera, because of the fact that she is so jealous despite of her stunning beauty. how does she managed to accept all the childrens of zeus with other women.

In fact, she didn't accept her husband's children, she would pursue them and punish them and their mothers. Probably Zeus was fooling around because he was the supreme ruler and he could do whatever he wanted, but maybe if Hera had a little more self-confidence she wouls have been more attarctive. After all, she was constantly nagging him, so in the end he would look for understanding somewhere else. And the poor women he conquered had an awful fate, because of Hera's jealousy, even if they were not guilty at all, at times (for instance, when Zeus came disguised as their husband). Hmmm, I guess I'm going to write a separate article about Hera and her rivals in love...

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