Ideas for a goddess Nike costume?

by Sara
(New Jersey)

Do you have any ideas for a Nike costume? The goddess is my thing for a project and I need to dress up as her. Any ideas?

Hi Sara,
the most specific element of goddess Nike were her wings, so your costume should definitely have wings. If you go to the page about Nike on this site, you'll see two well known statues of her. She had draped clothes and she held a wreath in her left hand and an olive branch in her right hand.
I have just read in Wikipedia the following: "Before she lost her arms, which have never been recovered, Nike's right arm was raised,4 cupped round her mouth to deliver the shout of Victory", so maybe you could also take this pose during your presentation.
You can also go to the page with pictures of Nike for more images to inspire you.
See also the page about goddess costumes for instructions about how to make a peplos/chiton and don't forget the strappy sandals, similar to those seen on the page about the goddess Artemis costume (I suppose you could use a simple pair of flip flops, covered with some silvery or golden foil, to which you could tie two ribbons and then wrap them around your lower leg and tie them under your knee).
And please don't forget to come back and tell us how it went :-)
Whoever should have suggestions is welcomed to join the discussion!

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Jan 03, 2015
My Costume
by: Anonymous

Yes when I did this project I just put on a white cloth that my mom had sewed into a dress. I didn't wear gold shoes but I wore yellow converses.

Fact- Athena is Nike's step sister
Go to this website to look at the family tree

Oct 26, 2012
by: Anonymous

In an effort to distinguish myself as Nike and not a generic representation of Greek mythology; i bought a pair of old school Nikes with the large swish at a thrift store, spray painted them gold and the swish bronze. Silly, but effective!

Note: this was for a Halloween costume party, not meant to be accurate. And not to support the Nike brand. (as I do not particularly like them either) Also, all other parts of costume were accurate to her descriptions.

I think it's a great idea, as the costume was both accurate and ironic! Congratulations :-)

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