Hippolyte's true story???

I'm a HUGE greek mythology fan, BUT i'm a little clueless when it comes to the different versions of Hippolyte and Ares. Not too long ago, I watched the 2009 version of Wonder woman and I loved the love/hate relationship Ares and Hippolyte had, BUT after some research I came to the conclusion that Hippolyte was Ares's daughter???!!! Sooo as a young writer I now wonder if it would be horribly wrong if I wrote a story about Hippolyte and Ares as lovers....???

Here I am finally with an answer:
In Greek mythology, Hippolyte was the daugther of Ares, the god of war, and Otrera. Her father gave her his war girdle, as a symbol of her power as Queen of the Amazons (By the way, I have just added a new page about queen Hippolyte). As you see, there is no way out, she was Ares' daughter. She married Theseus and by him she was the mother of Hippolytus (you could write a love story about Theseus and Hippolyte and how he left her and how she crashed his wedding to his new wife).
But, as a young writer, you can invent whatever you want, even the fact that she was not Ares' daughter (just like they did in Wonder Woman, which is not "mythologically" accurate).
Hmmmm... For instance, let's say that the warrior tribe of the Amazons claimed that their queen was Ares' daughter, but this was just a pretext so as to have authority. Ares knew about that, but he never thought about it, until one day he heard that the new queen of the Amazons is very courageous and he wanted to see her in person... Maybe he challenged her to a duel and she won... and so they fell in love.
Or else you could leave Ares out of it (because he was her father) and invent a love story with Hyppolite and somebody else. The Amazons met men from the tribe of the Gargareans only once a year and they got pregnant. Then they kept the baby girls and either gave the baby boys back to their fathers or just killed them. But let's suppose Hyppolite fell in love with a man and wanted to be with him (and here the adventures begin, as she went against the laws of her tribe).

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Apr 19, 2012
Thanks 4 ur advice
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to thank you 4 ur reply, and ur suggestions. I do value the inset of an expert due 2 the fact that it is truely important 2 me 2 have my facts correct.

Hello again,
just had another idea: you could write about Herakles who fell in love with Hippolyte, she also liked him, but Hera creates a misunderstanding and the Amazons start to fight Herakles' men. And so, the two would-be lovers have to fight against each other, due to the pressure of their people, two persons caught in something bigger then them (and that would be "mythologically" correct ;-)
Please come back again and let us know about what you wrote. Good luck with everything!

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