by mandy
(matthews north carolina)

again, it is mandy i am still struggling with the birth date and where she was born at...if this can be a better help to you, the project is where we are making a facebook page for our character. we have to have bio, hometown, birthday, married to, interests, music, tvshows, etc...and i am yet trying to find the answers to several of catagories. the project is due wednesday and if you can help that would be fantastic!

thank you!

Hi Mandy,
as regards the birth date, I couldn't find any, I only found the "year". I am not good at horoscopes, but I guess you could find a sign which is jealous and say "we might presume she is a .... because she was jealous" (from a search on Google, "which zodiac sign is more jealous", I discovered some answers which suggest the Scorpios are. But I don't know much about zodiac signs). As regards the favourite tv shows, I'd say the one about the cheaters who get busted, I don't remember the exact name. And she probably reads those types of magazines which teach you how to make yourself more beautiful, so as to make him love you more, how to be more interesting and attractive etc. Of course, I suppose she liked Grecian dresses. As regards pets, she liked the cuckoos and the peacocks. Her favourite fruit were the golden apples.
Her hometown was either Argos or Samos (as these were the cities where she was most worshipped).
She got married in Euboea OR Samos OR Cnossus (in the island of Crete) OR on Mount Thornax (in Argolis) - choose whichever you like better. Or you could just describe how they "rented" the palace of Knossos, which had more than 1000 rooms and that's why it was later called "the Labyrinth".
Hope it gave you some ideas. Come back and let us know how it went!

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