by mandy
(north carolina)

is there anyway you can tell me when hera the greek goddess was born? i have a project due and i cannot find her birth year or date ANYWHERE! thanks

Hi Mandy,
Hera was a goddess, not a real person, so she didn't have an actual birth date.
I have found several possible timelines for the order in which the Greek gods were born:
mlahanas.de - this one starts in 1800 BC and gives "precise" dates. Here you can find what you are looking for, Hera and her siblings were "born" 1703 BC. Zeus married Hera in 1684 or 1674, but this info does not match the one according to which he was betrothed to her for 300 years (or else, that they kept their marriage a secret for 300 years).
maicar.com - on this page there are no precise years for the births of the different gods.
And another one:
Timeline of Classical Mythology by Marc Carlson.
Please make sure to read the comments of the authors, as each timeline is based on approximations made by different authors, that's why the dates are different. The calculations are made starting from the Foundation of Rome and counting backwards, as Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus whose ancestor was Aeneas, who had come to Italy from Troy.
You'll also see that the real historical dates start later.
For instance, the eruption of the Thera volcano (a real historical event) appears on one of the pages in 1628 BC and on another page in 1250 BC.
The real historical persons who appear in this timeline are the great writers of the Greek antiquity, starting with the 8th century BC.
Hope it helped!

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