Greek Mythology #1 Fan

by Leigh
(indianopolis indiana, usa)

i loooov greek mythology!!!! it's awesome! i noticed u didn't hav very many myths, so i'll tell u some.

Hera's Peacock
The peacock supposedly got its beautiful feathers when Hera guided Argus, a creature who had eyes all over his body. Argus was being treated badly by other gods, and Hera pitied him and helped him. Argus was so grateful, he gave Hera some of his eyes, which Hera placed at the edges of the peacock feathers. She then made this her patron bird.

The Spider
Athena was the best weaver in her time period. One day, a lady named Arachne proposed that she was better at weaving than Athena. Athena was angered and demanded to have a contest in front of all Athens. It lasted three days long, and they showed their creations to the people of Athens. The people chose Arachne's as the better one, and Athena was so outraged, she turned Arachne into a small, 8 legged, 2 bodied, creature (what we know as a spider). The spider now weaves such beautiful webs because Arachne could weave better than anyone else. We get the term arachnid from Aracne.

The Seasons
Demeter was very protective of her daughter. One day they were on earth planting flowers, and Demeter turned her back to plant a seed. Hades was very fond of Persephone, and saw this chance to kidnap her. Demeter was so worried and forgot to do her duties as a goddess for three months, which became the
time of winter. Zeus didn't like this, so he told his brother to give Persephone back. There was a lot of bickering between them, but eventually they came to an agreement; Demeter could spend time with her daughter for nine months, but for three of the months she would go to the underworld. This created the seasons.

The Constellation Orion
Poseidon's son Orion was a skilled fighter, and tried to fight a giant scorpion. He realized he couldn't beat it, so he plunged into the sea and swam until he saw an island. Tn that island were Apollo and Artemis, traing for archery. Apollo bet that Artemis couldn't hit the thing bobbing in the water. Artemis did hit it, and killed Orion. Artemis realized her mistake and put a picture of him in the stars. (I think its weird cause Artemis hated men)

I hope u can put these on ur site and they can come in handy. u dont hav to put them on here word for word. o ps my fav god and goddess are Athena and Apollo. My least fav r Ares and Hera. Artemis is in between cause she's so strong and athletic, but I hate how she hates guys so much. I hope this long comment helps :)

Hi Leigh,
thank you very much for your comment. I also declare you Greek Mythology No 1 Fan!
As soon as I manage to properly add the pages about this myths, I'll also give you due credit :-)

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