greek goddesses do exsist

by jasmine

they do exsist i knew it. i am jasmine hailey crank and i love greek gods and goddesses . altho i am 9 years old i enjoy reading about them. my class always ask why i do i always read about it i just say '' i love it and i can't get anough of of it''. so there you go that's pretty much i love greek gods/goddesses

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Apr 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

OK. Peoples. The greek gods ARE TOTALLY REAL! I have a club at my school actually for greek god believers. Altho we talk about our greek religon, we find new gods or goddesses every day! We use this site alot. I am very happy there are more believers out there! I am a totall Hestian, and Aphroditian. My favourite god is Poiseidon. And I love sea nymphs! I wish I was a half-blood. But I am sure there are plenty of half bloods walking around. Maybe in your neighbourhood, or maybe even you.

Mar 07, 2012
by: kaylie ervin

i love this web site YOU ARE AWSOM

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