Difference between Greek and Roman Gods

by Raina Bhatia
(Mumbai, India)

In Rome, Gods names changed like Zeus became Jupiter, Poseidon became Neptune, Athena became Minerva, Hephaestus became Vulcan, Hades became Pluto, Ares became Mars and Artemis became Diana. Aphrodite beacme Venus, Hera became Juno. They became war like and they kept Roman disciplines. In Greece, Ares wasn't that important as in Rome, Hera was the one who won and Zeus was called the best and the greatest. In this way the Emperor of Rome started. Neptune or Poseidon was not very popular in Rome. Pluto was also like Poseidon in Rome.

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The Romans were inspired by the Greek culture and they "imported" some of the gods. Other Greek gods were later identified with existing Roman gods, whose characteristics changed a little. And other gods were purely Roman, such as Janus, the two-faced god.
For the Greeks, Poseidon was more important, because they would sail the seas for commerce and found new colonies arround the Mediterranean sea. The Romans were a warrior people, that's why Mars was so important for them (and also a more serious character than his Greek counterpart, Ares) - in the end, they created the Roman Empire which stretched in Europe, North Africa and Asia - you bet they needed a warrior god for that!

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