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on Greek God Apollo

Apollo and Daphne
by A. G. (Lima, Ohio, United States)

What about the myth of Daphne and Apollo. The one about where Daphne got turned into a tree by her father because god Apollo was chasing her, because Eros otherwise known as Cupid or Cupidon shot them both of them with arrows, Apollo with a golden tipped one and Daphne with a blunt lead tipped one, which made Daphne run AWAY from Apollo and make Apollo run TOWARD Daphne. When Daphne was about to be caught by Appolo, she yelled, HELP FATHER HELP and then, no later than she said those words, he father turned her into a tree and Apollo finaly caught up with her but was too late. So Apollo said that he would make her his royal tree.

Thank you, your contribution is much appreciated! The tree was a laurel tree.

by Cheyenne (Ohio USA)

you say that Asklepios is the god of medicine but i have heard it's Apollo. Which one is Correct?

Asklepios was Apollo's son. They were both called "the Healer". Apollo was the god of light and sun, arts, truth etc., but also of medicine and healing and he also could send the plague when he was angry. Asklepios was specialized only in medicine.

by Amanda (mo u.s.a)

i think that you could add a little more information instead of pictures. i liked the site . i also think you should add (at the bottom of the page )a citing page so kids like me could cite this page much easier . i think that this page has a little more pictures than information.
thank you
a student

Hello Amanda,
Thank you very much for your suggestions, in fact I've always been unsure about adding more text or more images. (By the way, the page about Apollo is one of the first I've written, I think it's time to update it). With feedback from my readers, I'll try to make this site better.
Thank you again,

by anonymous Apollo fan

I would like to contribute a bit of info on Apollo, that was never mentioned in the Apollo page.
He was shot with a love arrow by Eros (Cupid), which made him fall in love with a nymph Daphne. Who was so scared, she ran away, and then turned into a tree. Apollo worshiped that tree.
Hope this helps!!!!

Hi Apollo fan,
thank you very much for your submission :-)

by Bob (Colorado)

I think you did good i got a lot of info and this is a recommended site!

Thank youuuuuuuuuu!

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