Comments on Athena Goddess of War


by Anonymous

Her animal is the owl...not for sure if you knew that or not but it is. Other than that it was helpful to me even though i already knew most of it... the Ares page helped a lot too... THANKS:)

Who is your favorite god and goddess?

by Greek Geek
(In the world)

Me again, the Greek Geek- I just have a question. My favorite goddess is Athena and my favorite god I have to say is Poseidon, although they really don't go together now do they? I was wondering who were yours? thanks.

Hmm, good question! I have to think about it, though, and I'll let you know. It could be a god and a goddess who don't harm the others and people in general (most of them don't really behave themselves!). Well... it's Hestia, the protector of the hearth. How about the other readers?


by Anonymous

I have been interested in Greek mythology after I read the Percy Jackson books. My favorite goddess is Athena, because she is the goddess of wisdom and architecture. My favorite god is Poseidon. I don't really know why, to be perfectly honest.

My opinion

by Athena E. W. (North Carolina )

Well my favorite goddess is is Athena mainly because she is my namesake and we are very much alike. also I bet you didn't know that she was the goddess of civilization, persuasion, indipendence, plus she was a teacher, therapist, counselor, Guide, and a peace maker. plus she could heal, restore and move dark elements in human beings. and she was zuses favorite child, she was his ally protector and was the only god to be entrusted whith zuses golden sheild and the knowledge of where zuse kept his lightning bolts.

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