Caerus - greek god of Opportunity

by Kayla
(New York)

Well it only really has the main gods, I'm doing a report on Caerus and I can't find anything about him, but when I look through, you mostly have only the main gods.

You're right, for the time being there are only the main gods and... I haven't even written about all of them, for lack of time... as you say, "ugh!".

As regards this god (he was in fact a spirit, a personification), I have just added a page about him: Caerus, Greek god of opportunity.

Here are some links about him (please copy and paste the links in your browser): - a short presentation, with some quotes about Caerus/Kairos from ancient literary works

Hope it helps! And, should you find out more, please do come back and share it with us!

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