This is a very well made web site thank you for putting togeter all this information, however no need to be ungrateful but i think it would be beneficial to have links to most of the gods/godesses of course that's a lot of work so i sugest you let people help out on this site. In addition you should add a family tree (that would be spectacular) and maybe a place where people can enjoy videos on this subject and a chat area for this area of history. This is but a suggestion and again i thank you for this site! p.s i adore your comments on all the descriptions and backgrounds they made me laugh. that will be all love artemis.

Thank you very much for your comment and for your ideas. I'll see how I can follow up on that (I couldn't figure out yet how to make a family tree, in HTML I mean). I just want to take advantage of what you said and invite those who want to add stories about Greek mythology to go ahead and do it :-)
This site is a labour of love and I feel happy when somebody likes it and finds it useful.
All the best,

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