APHRODITE Goddess of Love and Beauty

by Tory
(Grayville IL USA)

I was at school one day with my ex-bff talking about the Halloween Dance. She was talking about being Athena and her boy-friend being Zeus. I told her I was thinking about being Athena but she said "Well you better not steal my idea or else!!!!!!!!!!!" I said (maybe a little to meanly) "Well you do know Athena is the Goddess of wisdom which you seem to have none of." Then I walked away knowing she would hate me forever when I showed up as the Goddess of love and beauty(which she thought I had none of either).

I liked the fact that you had an alternate idea for your costume - tell us more about it! And I'm sorry that you are no longer bff. I suppose your answer was just a reaction to what she had said before :-( Pity she didn't appreciate that fact that you didn't "steal" her idea and the fact that you found an alternate solution (which proves that you really have wisdom)!

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