All Gods not on Site . where/

by larry johnson

Hi was watching the great movie about the Gods and was looking them up because, I am intersed in the past,. I think we could see it repeat it- self! yes , we have not learned or we would -not be destoring our self's . and not just The USA. God gave us a great place to live and look what we have done, The BIG Company"s Explample Oil in the sea, sincerly LGJ. Indiana,46750 . THANK You !

Thank you for your comment, you are perfectly right. There are so many ancient cities that disappeared because man did not take care of the environment. One of them could be the legendary island of Atlantis, maybe it was just a metaphor for an ideal town, maybe it was destroyed by a natural calamity... or maybe it was destroyed by the carelessness of its inhabitants! Unfortunately, we don't learn from the past and in many cases we don't even bother learning about the past.
BTW, what was the film about the gods that you saw? I'd like to mention it on this site.

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