Hera and Zeus

by Sardia

I do not like Hera because she was too jealous. She shouldn't be jealous. She can do what Zeus was doing and had a happy life, but no, she wants to sneak and make people terrified for no reason. It wasn't women's fault that Zeus was flirting with them.
Hera is beautiful and headstrong but god dont like ugly, and thats what she was acting like U.G.L.Y.
And one more thing I need to comment about Hera, Hera if you stop being jealous maybe your king won't flirt with the ladies.
I do like Zeus because even though he did sneaky stuff, he was a wisdom and fairly god.

Hello Sardia,
thank you for your comment. You are perfectly right. I don't like Hera, too. You know what they say, that jealousy is caused by lack of self-confidence. Hera should have been very self-confident, being the queen of all gods.

Also, she is told to be very beautiful, in fact some say that she was the most beautiful from the Hera - Athena - Aphrodite group. In the end the judgement of Paris was not based on the real beauty of the three "contestants": let's not forget that he made his choice after weighing the offers that the three goddesses had made.

She was the goddess of women and marriage, yet she could be very cruel to the women who bore Zeus' children. And, what's worse, she was cruel to the babies, which were not guilty for coming into the world. For instance, she sent two serpents to kill the new-born Hercules. She transformed Lamia, one of Zeus' lovers, into a monster and killed their children.

But I guess that the same thing applies throughout the ages: the ones who have the power can do whatever they want, while the rest have to suffer.

I also agree with you that, had she been nicer to her husband, he would have fooled around less!

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Excuse me?

by: Anonymous

One Question: Would you be jealous of the women you husband flirts with? One sentence: Zeus was an egomanical, sexist, annoying man whore who couldn't keep himself off of other women.

I just adore your comment! The boss is the boss and can do whatever he wants, but when the other mortals did the same, Zeus would punish them. I'll add soon a page about goddess Metis. Zeus left her pregnant and feared the consequences. So how did he get rid of the unwanted pregnancy? He convinced her to transform into a fly and swallowed her!

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