The Hero Perseus in Greek Mythology

ummm in the Percy Jackson series and movie he is the son of Poseidon and a mortal so why in: The Hero Perseus in Greek Mythology is he the son of Zeus and Danae?

Because the Percy Jackson books are fiction loosely based on Greek mythology. They are not books about the real Greek mythology, instead they try to bring the ancient gods to the modern world and reinterpret the myths. The "real" Perseus (i.e. the one from mythology) is Zeus and Danae's son. (BTW Theseus is the Greek hero who was Poseidon's son in Greek mythology).
Percy and Perseus are two different persons. Percy's mother named him after the ancient hero Perseus (Zeus' son) because he was the only ancient hero to have a "happy ending" story, and she wanted the same for her son. The page on this site is about the "real" Perseus, that's why the info is different from Percy Jackson ;-)

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