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Please help me with a goddess costume for Hestia!!!!!!
She is my favorite goddess as she is so sweet, but that idea only makes making a costume for her harder!!!!

Here are some images of Hestia that I found:
As you can see, her clothes are a little different from the other goddesses'. Maybe a pleated skirt, with a simple tunic as a blouse, and a veil covering your head (she was represented as being modestly veiled and with a branch with flowers in her hand). Her symbols were the fire/the hearth (or a torch or candle), the kettle, the pot, the cauldron, and the broom.
In this image
you can see she has a kind of spear with a flame on it, I think it's a very good idea.
And, in case you want everyone to be sure about who you are, you could wear a kind of pendant shaped like the temple of Vesta in Rome, which has a very typical shape:
(please copy and paste the links in your browser).
Let me know ho it went - and who has other ideas is welcome to share them with us!

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Nov 15, 2012
by: ellen

I did a costume for a school play. For my mine I took a leaf headpiece and dyed it red and orange to show fire. Next I took a pink piece of fabric and used as a cloak. I added a see through mini pink purse, and wore a red turtle neck under a black toga (to represent coal and ash)
You can add makeup (red, brown, or a sparkly gold) sparkles on your costume to show fire.

Hello Ellen,
thank you very much for your submission, I think you did a great job! Congratulations for you creativity :-)

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