Dreamer on cruise

by Alana Perez
(Texas, Edinburg)

Had the most inteteresting dream about young gods and godesses living on a giant ship at sea. One godesses had more powers than all combined and the others were always jealous of her. It was a long and detailed dream. I have never thought or read about this subject. I just dreamed it last night.


I think that your dream is very interesting, if you're a literary-inclined type, you could turn it into a short story. Also, the convention of a limited space (a cruise ship) might be very challenging! Maybe the other gods are trying to sabotage the young goddess, but then all kind of things happen to the ship (a storm, they remain without drinking water and food, they hit a rock) and the only one who can help them is the powerful goddess, and maybe they all just realize they need her for their survival... or not ;-)

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