Janus the ultimate.

by Kiara Washington
(overland park, KS united States)

Janus has very many wives and children. I have no clue how many siblings he had, though. Someone who can answer that please do because i need it for a project at my school!!

Oh dear! I couldn't find too much about his family. I found out that he is one of the oldest divinities in the Roman mythology, and that's it! There is also a version according to which he was a king from Latium who was made into a divinity after death.
Ovid, in the Fasti Book 1, says that the Greeks called Janus "Chaos" (so he identifies him with Chaos). When the different elements (air, fire, water, earth) separated, a god appeared from the mist: god Chaos/Janus himself.
That's all I could find out, who else can help?

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